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Welcome To UK Fire & Medical Services

"Learn from those who respond, when you dial 999!"

As established industry professionals with over 60 years of combined experience in frontline fire, rescue and emergency medical response. UKFMS is dedicated to offering the highest levels of training, event cover and protection services to you and your business.


We achieve this by using only qualified serving local authority fire and ambulance personnel, we operate within national operational guidance for UK Fire and Rescue Services NFCC (National Fire Chiefs Council) and NICE (National Institute for health Care Excellence) Clinical guidance.

We provide the complete range of fire and medical response, accredited training and qualifications for all industries throughout the UK.

We use the latest technology to deliver high quality, realistic training in our modern training facilities as well as using firefighting media to fight fire efficiently to mitigate damage to the environment 

Let us give you the absolute peace of mind that comes from fire, medical cover, training and response by professionals who maintain competency to current national frameworks.

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HFMS Fire Safety Training

Accredited Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF)

Fire Safety Training  

Industrial Firefighter Training

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about our fire safety training


HFMS First Aid / Medical Training

Accredited Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF)

First Aid / Medical Training 

Bespoke Medical Training

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about our first aid / medical training services

HFMS Additional Training Courses

Accredited Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF)

Health, Safety and Welfare Training

Bespoke Training Courses

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about additional training

services we offer

HFMS Fire / Medical Cover

Qualified Fire & Medical Teams For Events Small to Major

A Range of Emergency Vehicles to Suit Venue Requirements

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about our fire / medical event

cover services

HFMS Fire / Medical TV & Film Cover

Qualified Fire & Medical Teams

For TV / Film Production

From Small to Major Productions 

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about our fire / medical TV

& Film cover services

HFMS Other Services Available

Flood Response

Industrial Safety Cover 

Team / Leadership Development 

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about other services we



For ages 5 to 25

Preparing our young people for any emergency!

Available for Schools, Clubs, Colleges.

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about our Youth Emergency



The nature of danger to our young people is constantly evolving. As 999 workers we feel it imperative that we share our experience to prepare young people for any eventuality by providing them with the necessary skills, contributing towards their safety and role as a citizen in society.

Our Services



At UKFMS, we pride ourselves in delivering a professional, efficient and effective service to our customers


STCW Basic Safety Training Week

Seafarer & Maritime

Safety & Survival Course


5 Day Residential Course

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our STCW Basic Safety Training Course Week


Live Fire


Realistic Experience of Fire Conditions

Learn From Operational Firefighters

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our Live Fire Training


Carbine and Rope

Confined Space /Collapsed Structure

Realistic Structures With Varying Conditions


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our Confined Space

Training Courses

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